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The Les Darcy Story



Les Darcy's 

amazing story deserves legendary status along side Peter Lalor and Ned Kelly fame

Heath Ledger Australian acting legend had the Option Rights to this Screenplay

for 3 years before his passing signed off by the Darcy family for this motion picture

Les Darcy was the 2nd eldest of 10 children and born near Maitland

New South Wales Australia, boxing as an amateur at age fifteen and quickly

turned professional, he graduated from regional bouts to fighting in Sydney Stadium

where promoters began to import international veterans to challenge him

in fights over 20 rounds. He became Australian world middleweight champion

and defeated such top-flight visiting Americans Eddie McGoortyBilly Murray,

Jimmy Clabby, George ChipGeorge "KO" Brown, and Buck Crouse, his opponents

are said to have admired his courage, stamina, and punching power.

Darcy knocked out  the hard hitting Harold Hardwick  who came to capture

the Australian heavyweight title and then became embroiled in the politics of conscription into World War I as his Mother would not sign him over under 18

and he was branded a shirker and a coward and he sadly left Australia

stowed away on oil tanker bound for the U.S.A to avoid the aggravation 

and became an American citizen then signed with the American Armed forces

to defend Australia and was granted a license to fight but he died on 24 May 1917

in Memphis Tennessee at the age of only 21 from complications of broken teeth

in the ring by septicemia bought back to Australia there was over 250 thousand

mourners in the city of Sydney and another 150 thousand in Maitland his home town

and final resting place who loved him and showed their respect & forgiveness.

Les Darcy was a true Aussie sporting legend,

Original Script Written By The late Great

Frank Howsen.

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